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Currently this service is only available to established clients. You will be refunded (minus Paypal fees) if you are a new customer and ignore this message. Do NOT purchase one of each. You can only purchase 1. 


These readings will be sent via a prerecorded voice message. They are sent via Whatsapp only, so you must have a Whatsapp account. Like all of my other readings, this reading option is closed to new clients. If I have never read for you before or have told you that I cannot read for you, please do NOT purchase. 

This reading will benefit those seeking an overall outlook on the topic or area of choice. By selecting this reading option, you forfeit the opportunity to ask questions. Since this is a new service, if you are unfamiliar with my reading style or prefer to ask questions, this is not the reading option for you. 

Please do not purchase if you have not read all the booking information. You must email me immediately after purchase. 

Recorded readings will only be done on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Mar 22, Mar 23, and Mar 24, 2023. You will receive your reading on one of the days/dates listed. 

Please email me your Whatsapp number after your purchase. Only send emails to This is the only email address I use. 

Self-Healing and Growth $49
What is next on your career path? $49
General Outlook Reading (no questions) $69.69
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